Call for Papers

1-3 December 2020, Online



Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, this year the P2PFISY Conference will take place online. The University College London Centre for Blockchain Technologies will host an online workshop on peer-to-peer (P2P) financial systems in order to bring together policymakers, regulators and academics interested in P2P financial systems to share their experiences, research and policy analyses. The focus for this year is going to be on emerging technologies and financial infrastructure, in particular how financial technologies can be used as innovative tools to address challenges that global pandemics pose to the economy.


Objective of the workshop


This online workshop seeks to focus the strategic debate on the opportunities provided by P2P financial systems, and on the impact on the financial ecosystem in the context of the proving times we are living. Authorities, academics and practitioners will have the opportunity to better understand this phenomenon and to identify possible future developments and dynamics that will ensure an innovative, integrated and developed landscape in Europe and around the world.


Workshop themes – call for papers


The workshop organisers invite authors – whether from academia, public institutions (including central banks), special interest groups or the private sector – to submit policy-oriented, theoretical and/or empirical papers. These papers should be original contributions and clearly focus on emerging technologies and financial infrastructure, covering at least one of the following themes:


  • Theme 1: Regulation & Governance


How emerging technologies impact the regulatory framework and governance of the current financial infrastructure. Submissions should focus on:


    1. RegTech and SupTech (the role of distributed ledger technology in regulatory enforcement)
    2. Legal and regulatory aspects of financial technologies
    3. Market stability and risk management opportunities
    4. Fraud detection and financial crime prevention
    5. Privacy, data protection and electronic identification


  • Theme 2: The global pandemics and new opportunities for financial technologies


The health emergency caused by COVID-19 has quickly turned into an economic and financial crisis. Outline the main the area of finance that could benefit the most from using financial technologies, covering the topics of:


    1. P2P financial systems in healthcare and pharma
    2. Crypto currencies, global trades, and financial markets in the time of pandemics
    3. Sustainable DeFi (e.g. green bonds, climate solutions for low-carbon infrastructure) and social bonds
    4. Micropayments, micro-financing and crowdfunding
    5. Liquidity injection and checks mechanisms for publicly funded programs
    6. Financial technologies as a tool for policy makers in times of pandemics


  • Theme 3: Decentralization in finance


Highlight how financial technologies could disrupt the current financial landscape, including:


    1. Monetary aspects of P2P systems
    2. Central bank digital currencies to directly sustain the real economy
    3. Asset tokenisation, pricing and new derivatives
    4. Incentive mechanisms in emerging blockchain networks
    5. Implications of blockchain for income inequality
    6. Distributed ledger technologies, transaction costs and externalities


Each submission should include an abstract, as well as the name and email address of a nominated author who could present the content or specific aspects of the paper. The abstracts of around 1,000 words (and preferably the completed papers) should be in English. Any mention of the authors’ names or affiliations should be removed from the submitted paper. The submission deadline for abstracts/papers is 25 September 2020. Submitted papers will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee of the P2P Financial Systems 2020 online workshop. Papers should be sent in PDF format to the following email address:


Selection process and workshop participation


The workshop’s Scientific Committee will review all abstracts/papers submitted by the deadline in terms of their quality, their policy relevance and the potential level of interest, while ensuring an overall balance of topics, stakeholder interests and approaches. Authors whose submissions are accepted will be notified of the Committee’s decision by 25 October 2020. By submitting their papers, authors also agree to revise them based on the discussion at the conference and to allow them to be published on the conference website.


Organisational information


The workshop will take place on 1-3 December 2020. Attendance at the workshop is free, please register on the P2PFISY 2020 Eventbrite page.