The 10th International P2PFISY Workshop 2024 is coming soon!


Take a look at the full agenda of this year’s Peer-to-Peer Financial Systems Workshop including invited talks, panels, paper sessions, keynotes, and welcome addresses by an incredible global network of top-tier speakers.
9:40 am
10:00 am
Invited Talk: What is the Role of Trust in a Trustless Technology?
Daniel Fozzati
10:40 am
11:20 am
Paper Session: "Making It Through The (Crypto) Winter: Facts, Figures and Policy Issues"
Guerino Ardizzi, Marco Bevilacqua, Nadia Pocher
9:20 am
10:00 am
Tirupam Goel, Geoffrey Goodell
11:00 am
11:40 am
Enrico Bernardini, Marco Fanari, Tomaso Aste