The Peer-to-Peer Financial Systems Workshop (P2PFISY) is an annual summit for academics, central bankers, regulators, legislators, and practitioners to engage in conversations on the latest developments in P2P finance. Together, their work reshapes the financial sector and its services ecosystem. Initiated at the Deutsche Bundesbank by Paolo Tasca in 2015, P2PFISY has become a leading academic and policy conference.

Our Venues

Renowned institutions such as the Federal Reserve Bank and the European Central Bank have hosted the workshop, with support from prominent bodies like the Bank of Canada, De Nederlandsche Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis, and SAFE House of Finance at Goethe University.

Our Speakers

Esteemed speakers from the Swiss National Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, the IMF, the Bank of Lithuania, the Bank of Italy, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the Federal Reserve Board have joined in previous years.

Ignazio Visco

Governor, Banca d'Italia

Alessandra Perrazzelli

Deputy Governor, Banca d'Italia

Paolo Tasca

Chairman of the DLT Science Foundation and Executive Director of University College London Centre for Blockchain Technologies

Maria Chiara Malaguti

Università Cattolica Sacro del Cuore

Nadia Pocher

Postdoctoral Researcher in Information Systems, SnT Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust

Guerino Ardizzi

Senior Economist, Banca d'Italia

Marco Bevilacqua

Head of Fintech Section, Banca d'Italia

Mandar Agashe

Founder and Vice Chairman, Sarvatra Technologies

Helena Zhang

Director, Asian Institute of Digital Finance

Gimede Gigante

Professor of Financial Markets and Institutions, Bocconi University

Filippo Zatti

Associate Professor of Economic Law, University of Florence

Daniel Fozzati

Founding Partner, The Building Blocks

Laura Rinaldi

Head of the Financial Sector and Access to Finance, DG-REFORM, European Commission

Tirupam Goel

Economist, Bank for International Settlements

Harish Natarajan

Lead Financial Sector Specialist on Payments and Market Infrastructures

Nilixa Devlukia

CEO, Payments Solved

Ulrich Bindseil

Director General Market Infrastructure and Payments, European Central Bank

Niall Roche

Founding Partner, The Building Blocks and Senior Teaching Fellow and CTO-in-Residence, University College London School of Management

Kerstin Junius

Senior Market Infrastructure Expert, European Central Bank

Patrizio Pagano

Head of the Secretariat to the Governing Board Directorate, Banca d'Italia

Stefano Siviero

Deputy Director General for Markets and Payment Systems, Banca d'Italia

Marcello Miccoli

Senior Financial Sector Expert in Monetary and Capital Markets Department, International Monetary Fund

Livio Tornetta

Director General for Currency Circulation and Retail Payments, Banca d'Italia

Leonardo Gambacorta

Head of Innovation and the Digital Economy, Bank for International Settlements

Giorgio Andreoli

Director General, European Payments Council

Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr

Editor-in-Chief, Cointelegraph

Massimo Doria

Deputy Director General for Currency Circulation and Retail Payments and Head of the Innovation Centre Milano Hub, Banca d'Italia

Enrico Foscolo

PhD, Banca d'Italia

Enrico Bernardini

Deputy Head of Climate and Sustainability Hub, Banca d'Italia

Ganesh Viswanath Natraj

Assistant Professor, Warwick Business School

Tomaso Aste

Professor, Scientific Director, University College London Centre for Blockchain Technologies

Daniel Rabetti

Assistant Professor of Accounting and Finance, National University of Singapore

Geoffrey Goodell

Lecturer, University College London

Andrew Papanicolaou

Associate Professor, North Carolina State University

Marius Jurgilas

Professor of Practice, Vilnius University (former Board Member Bank of Lithuania)

Sandra Ro

CEO, Global Blockchain Business Council

Rod Garratt

Senior Adviser, Bank of International Settlements

Francesco Pierangeli

Assistant Professor of Finance, University of Birmingham

Basak Toprak

EMEA Head of Coin Systems, Onyx by J.P. Morgan

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