The P2P Financial Systems International Workshop is the major cross-sectoral platform bringing together scholars, regulators and practitioners interested in P2P economics. The aim is to trigger debate and bridge the gap between academics, technologists, policy makers, regulators and FinTech experts addressing questions of practical importance on:


Digital currencies and Blockchain technologies, P2P lending and Crowdfunding, Digital Money Transfer, Mobile Banking and Mobile Payments.


Over the last few years, this event has been legitimised and recognised across Europe as an annual high-level meeting, where views and innovative insights on how the P2P revolution is reshaping both the financial sector and the financial services eco-system are shared.


The Workshop is devoted to research topics from the scientific community as well as evidences from industry and policy-making case studies. It also features panel discussions for participants from academia, industry and financial regulatory bodies to share their views on the major threats and opportunities related to the emerging disruptive forms of new digital finance.

London 2017, 20-21 July, University College London

London 2016, 8-9 September, UCL Roberts Building



Frankfurt 2015, 29 – 30 January, Deutsche Bundesbank